Information about the platform

worldwide peace is the center for all kind of aid projects. It's a boundry-less instrument with no external influences. projects are created by the community, we later aggree upon. The project which has the most votes will be realized. The goal is to realize sustainable projects. worldwide peace acts on the principle of symbiosis. The goal is to connect as many people as possible who will be willing to pay a small amount of one EURO a month. This sounds like a small amount but let's suppose there would be 100 million people paying only one EURO. 100 million € a month annualized sums to 1.2 billion EURO. With this amount a lot could be done. We could for example protect our environment or build schools worldwide. Generally we could try to fight starvation, poverty and war. In fact we could do something different than only fighting symptoms as we partially do today. We could do preventive work. It is essential to eliminate the cause of a problem. This is where we need your innovative ideas and alternative approaches. The support of active members is necessary to proceed with the basic thought. worldwide peace gives you the opportunity to collect ideas, or rather projects. The voting then takes place in a democratic way. Every member is allowed to vote 10 times for any project posted on the site. The project which gets the most votes and is within the budget will be the winning one. If the budget is too short, the second project will be the winning one and so on. In case the budget is too small for all projects posted on the site, the money will stay in the pot until a project within the budget is found.

1. Add a project/idea

Do you have an idea to make the world a better place? Then share it with us!!! Under the menu item "create" you can add your project. Use clearly defined keywords to get your project well found later on. It will only gain popularity if you figure it out well and describe it as clearly as possible so it won’t raise too many questions! Most difficult is to calculate the budget needed to accomplish your project. Try to do some research and make phone calls if necessary. Sum up all costs and be as precisely as possible. Only a faithful project is a good project. If you should find related information to your project or to an already existing project on the web, place the link in the source field. Your project can still be edited under your profile as long as the voting has not taken place yet.

2. Votes

Every active member is able to vote for his preferred project, once the voting starts. There are 10 votes, which you can use for positive or negative voting. Vote carefully. Once voted, you can’t change your mind.

3. Realization

The realization phase begins once a project has been selected. worldwide peace will check the practicability and if feasible, the project will be realized. This phase is the same as the first phase. You can add and rate other projects while phase two (votes) has not yet ended. A new loop begins. worldwide peace will try to realize projects as soon as possible. Please understand that there could be some delays due to staffing shortage, especially during the startup of the company.

Basic thought

I got a Problem:
I'm sick of watching people waging war.
I'm sick of watching people starving.
I'm sick of watching people destroying our planet.
In short:

I am sick of it!

We deliver weapons to 3rd world countries instead of building schools. We throw away food although people are starving. We clear rainforests and fish the sea empty without being aware of its consequences. I could go on and on but that would go beyond the scope of it...

I stopped asking myself why policy is doing what it is doing and why industry and policy seem to be fused. Why do they abuse their power? They are not ruling anymore. What they are doing is being greedy to the world. This excessive never ending exploitation of mankind to our planet must stop or at least be limited. We cannot go on like this forever. We need an instrument, not depending on policies, banks and industries. An instrument which is regulated by people, which can be modified at will. My solution is a new instrument. An instrument called worldwide peace! This is a platform which takes advantage of symbiosis. Nature shows us how combinations of two parties create an even more powerful connection. Based on these fundamentals I have founded worldwide peace. This is a plea for everyone who thinks that not enough is being done to change our planet into a better place. Stand up and engage yourself for a more peaceful, more social and more nonpolluting world. worldwide peace provides the opportunity of creating projects we agree upon to any kind of problem. Primarily worldwide peace is interested in sustainable projects. It's not enough to fight symptoms. We have to fight causes! We have to be aware that problems cannot be eliminated overnight. worldwide peace is an organic platform. This means that you decide how the platform works. Existing rules can be changed as you wish. At the moment you can vote up to 10 times for projects posted on the site. Do you want to vote 5 times in order to get precise results? No problem! All you have to do is to send us your request via our contact form and we will do the modification. worldwide peace is not interested in profit, turn overs or return. No, we just want to make the world a better place! Who amongst you has a simple, useful or even innovative idea which can make the world a bit better?

Subscribe today and become part of the community. Only with you can we make this a better planet. Every single member makes us stronger and more efficient in changing this planet to a better place. 1€ a month is nothing in a hand of an individual but a lot in a hand of many which means something can be moved.

With you we are worldwide peace!

You are worldwide peace!